Updated 16 June 2014
 Note: Chapman Codes and Country Abbreviations are used here


SURNAME,  Given Names,  Birth Year (optional),  Birthplace, COUNTY, COUNTRY, Ship / Airline, Year of Arrival, Port / Airport of Arrival
UNDERDOWN Pamela Mary, 1933 Middlesborough YKS ENG, TV Fairsky, 1965, Sydney NSW
UNDERWOOD James, 1771 Bermondsey MDX ENG, Admiral Barrington, 1791, Port Jackson NSW
UNDERWOOD (n JAMES) Mary, 1745 Whitechapel MDX ENG, Harriett, 1817, Port Jackson NSW
UNWIN George, 1811 Shifnal SAL ENG, Anna Marie, 1848, Geelong Vic
UPTON Frederick William, Orwell, 1858, Melbourne Vic
URBAN Hans, 1865 Melnozagen Memel GER, 1888, Konoowarra, Sydney NSW
UREN Ann, c1783 St Ives CON ENG, Sydney Cove, 1807, Sydney NSW
USHER (n ROSE) Charlotte, 1818 Trowbridge WIL ENG, The Omega, 1851, Port Adelaide SA
USHER George, 1841 Trowbridge WIL ENG, The Omega, 1851, Port Adelaide SA

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